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I am now in the 10th grade and go to Alameda International High School in Lakewood, CO. It's a great school and I have lots of friends. We do lots of community and life skills training each week, I work with my vision therapists to work on my cane travel and braille, and I also do volunteer work (stuffing envelopes) every Monday at a local hospital. My week still consists of lots of therapy sessions, but I love the therapists that I work with so it's all good. Auntie Debbie also tries to make sure that I get to participate in lots of fun activities and I am discovering that I really love playing different sports. I have gone skiing at Winter Park with my class when I went to Wheat Ridge Middle School through the National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD), played baseball at the Jason Jennings Adaptive Field on Kipling and Hampden in Lakewood (Hey, batter, batter, swing!) through Sports Made Possible, and attended sports camps a couple of summers ago to learn the basics of golf, baseball, football, soccer and a summer sports adventure sampler through the NSCD.

I also love, love, love to swim and at Camp Paha last summer I learned how to jump off the diving board (with a counselor, of course), but WOW, that was exciting! Auntie Debbie taught me how to float on my back and we are working on the actual swimming part, but mostly I love to jump and splash.

Thank you for visiting my website and joining me on my amazing journey. Life is so much fun because you never know what is going to happen from day-to-day. Remember to enjoy and appreciate your life and your loved ones every day.